Drees & Sommer Czech Republic: Medals From UniCredit Prague Relay 2024

The office of Drees & Sommer Czech Republic is now adorned with a new symbol of team achievement – the medals from the UniCredit Prague Relay 2024. This week our team took part in the esteemed UniCredit Pražská štafeta. The event unfolded in the Prague's Stromovka Park, where a challenging 4×5 km relay race awaited the participants.

Over 1,000 runners laced up their shoes for this traditional event, contributing to an amazing atmosphere. The park was alive with the team spirit as colleagues from various companies came together, cheering and supporting their teammates throughout the course.

However, the race was more than just a test of endurance and speed; it was a stride towards sustainability. In collaboration with the local NGO Nadace Partnerstvi, which is committed to sustainable environmental initiatives, the team’s participation had a broader impact. Our involvement aided in the funding of tree planting projects, helping to spread greenery across the Czech Republic.

Special congratulations are extended to our outstanding runners – Anna Elisova, Martina Scuka, Markus Ising, and Pavel Klusacek. Their personal performance was the driving force behind each kilometer, contributing significantly to the team’s overall success.