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With over 20 years of success in Poland, we offer a whole range of project management and consulting services, for investors, owners and occupiers, ensuring the achievement of our clients’ goals to their highest satisfaction of their real estate and construction projects.

Out team of professionals is based in Warsaw, delivering local and international projects across the region since 2002. We bring a wealth of experience and interdisciplinary as well as intercultural expertise and excellence in leading projects and delivering advisory services. Our clients value our strong track record in Project Management, Construction Management, Project Monitoring and Technical Due Diligence, as well as our thorough understanding of the local market dynamics.

Why Drees & Sommer Poland?

  • A multi-disciplinary consultancy with over 50 years’ experience in project delivery and strategic consultancy
  • A center of excellence for real estate consulting and management, design, project management, operation and consulting throughout all project´s stages with local expertise in all relevant fields
  • At the forefront of innovation in engineering, particularly focusing on ecology and sustainability, constantly developing themes such as lean construction and digitization customizing solutions to achieve your project goals
  • Home of Blue City, Cradle to Cradle© and Customized Smart Buildings
  • A global resource pool delivering best practice expert solutions
  • Supporting clients in making timely decisions
  • Implementing efficient project delivery plans to achieve significant savings
> 6.000 employees
63 locations
1970 foundation of Drees & Sommer
2002 start of operation in Poland
900,0 million € Group sales 2023
102,7 million € Operating result 2023
6.456 projects managed

... with tailored services

We lead exceptional projects and deliver innovative consultancy services to our network of valued and demanding clients. With them we take informed decisions, lead efficient construction projects, implement optimal operation processes, craft insightful real estate strategies, deliver economically viable-solutions and achieve real cost savings.


  • Project management for new buildings and refurbishment measures
  • Project Monitoring
  • Supervision and coordination
  • Project Preparation
  • Real Estate Consulting
  • Tenant Management
  • Technical and economic consulting



  • TDD quick check
  • TDD report
  • Building evaluations
  • Compliance with local laws and standards
  • Fire protection assessment
  • Environmental certifications
  • Sustainability consulting



  • Real Estate Consulting
  • Technical and Economic Consulting
  • Pre-Assessment
  • Technical evaluation
  • MEP audits
  • Compatibility check
  • Smart Building Solutions/Customized Smart Buildings
  • Optimizing Established Properties
  • Real Estate Usability


We know your industry


A plus sign is more than just two intersecting lines. And a project with Drees & Sommer is more than simply successful. It is sustainable, digital, economic and innovative – because these are the four aspects we emphasise in every project we undertake. That may be more than many expect. But that's what every customer gets from us.

Your career at Drees & Sommer

We develop solutions for our clients that are cost-efficient, innovative, sustainable and digital. And user-oriented – with a human touch. Because regardless of what project we are working on, we always work as a team. Our focus is on the people who will benefit from the project in the end. And on everyone working on it. At Drees & Sommer, this generally means planners, consultants, project managers and construction managers. When are you going to join us?   

Your career at Drees & Sommer


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