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Drees & Sommer is synonymous with successful buildings, high-yield real estate portfolios, livable cities, efficient infrastructure and future-oriented consulting. That is what we aspire to. And that’s what customers can expect from us – and what we are judged against. Together we develop future-proof solutions that are sustainable, digital, economical and innovative!

We have been leading innovation in real estate consulting in Europe for over 50 years, and planned, managed, and delivered projects with German efficiency in Asia since 2003. We specialize in minimizing risk and add value to all types of projects through our extensive experience in lean project management and a unique integrated approach to design management and construction consulting which guarantees effective delivery and flexibility for our clients.

In all that we do, we adopt a holistic and sustainable approach – we call it ‘the blue way’.

Find out how our qualified engineering consultants and technical project management professionals can help you add value to your real estate portfolio by mitigating risk, securing returns and delivering future-proof buildings:

> 5,100 employees
59 locations
5,775 projects managed
1970 foundation of Drees & Sommer

360° Consulting Approach

The future of the real estate market cannot be precisely predicted. What we do know is that the next generation of buildings and assets will look different to those we see today. The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated like never before the need to brace ourselves for new realities. The enormous ecological footprint of our buildings has attracted an additional price-tag due to new financial regulations. Global trends in digitisation, e-mobility, healthy indoor environments along with new design factors are calling for new developments, adding pressure on existing assets which cannot cope with this transition and may end up as future "stranded assets". How can you foresee that your real estate investments will withstand the test of time and respond to ever-changing digital and environmental dynamics?

Claims and Expert Services

Don't let legal challenges and disputes endanger your construction or infrastructure project. Our experienced professionals can provide the Claims and Expert Services, you need to keep your project on track. With our help, you can navigate claims, dispute avoidance, dispute readiness, dispute resolution, manage risks, minimise costs, and achieve your goals.


... with tailored services

  • Agile Design Management
  • Blue City/ Integrated Urban Solutions
  • Cradle to Cradle (C2C)
  • Customised Smart Buildings
  • Engineering Consulting


  • Facility Management Consulting
  • Interdisciplinary Design & Research
  • Lean Construction Management
  • Project Management
  • Real Estate Consulting


  • Revitalization and Energy Optimization
  • Sustainability Consulting
  • Technical & Economic Feasibility
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Claims and Expert Services


We know your industry


A plus sign is more than just two intersecting lines. And a project with Drees & Sommer is more than simply successful. It is sustainable, digital, economic and innovative – because these are the four aspects we emphasise in every project we undertake. That may be more than many expect. But that's what every customer gets from us.

Top Topic - Customised Smart Building
Top Topic - Optimised Buildings & Portfolios

Your career at Drees & Sommer

We develop solutions for our clients that are cost-efficient, innovative, sustainable and digital. And user-oriented – with a human touch. Because regardless of what project we are working on, we always work as a team. Our focus is on the people who will benefit from the project in the end. And on everyone working on it. At Drees & Sommer, this generally means planners, consultants, project managers and construction managers. When are you going to join us?   

We have many different roles to offer

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We share our latest news and updates with the market through various media channels. Here is a collection of latest stories for you to stay up to date on current trends and solutions:


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