Housing is a basic human need. After all, everyone has to live somewhere. The housing industry is expected to explore innovative concepts and approaches – and to think about what the housing market of the future should look like.

over 35.000 housing units completed
over 1.5 million m² gross floor area
over 25.000 housing units currently in planning

You benefit from the experience accumulated as the result of 35,000 successfully completed housing units. From decades of experience both in construction of new housing and the technical and energy upgrade of established buildings. And from our integrated project execution expertise. 

Solutions for Residential Properties Company

We support you in your challenges in the area of housing construction. With our expertise we help you with small problems as well as with your big projects, regardless of the type of project and the task. We develop our full potential when we provide holistic solutions. In this way, we create livable cities and urban districts that will remain competitive far into the future. In doing so, we look at your projects as if they were our own and thus create added value for you!

Focus on current and future trends in the industry

Our experts help you with anything from small issues to major projects, regardless of the task or the type of project involved. In view of the numerous trends currently shaping the industry – such as changes in lifestyles, steadily growing demand for affordable housing in metropolitan areas, and a constantly growing interest in digital services – we aim to provide holistic solutions that take the broadest possible range of trends and developments into account.

Projects in residential construction - living space that pays off


The acute need for new, affordable housing poses great challenges for the construction industry. Experienced project managers are in demand who can advise on sustainable development concepts at an early stage. Here, Drees & Sommer experts address the individual needs of the client and ask, for example, about flat sizes and efficient floor plans. The film shows this using the example of Berlin's Möckernkiez.

Housing projects - challenges for property developers


A property development project is never an off-the-peg construction project, but always a complex undertaking - not least because, in addition to the construction itself, it is usually a buyer's project with many clients who all have their own ideas. Drees & Sommer acts as a reliable interface for clients, from optimization of floor plans during planning to review of contracts before sales start. Always with the purchaser in focus.

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We are actively involved in these associations and our innovative strength contributes to the development of a sustainable and cost-efficient housing industry.