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Education is essential. And brings with it high demands. Whether digitization, lifelong learning, demographic change or integration/inclusion: educational buildings and research institutions must be able to take up social megatrends. Demands for more sustainability, internationalization, individualization or mobile learning and working also flow into the requirements of modern learning environments. Our experts implement demanding educational projects with holistic advice: They combine pedagogical, sociological and construction know-how with their industry-specific expertise and tackle unusual questions together with the customer.


The education sector of the future must meet a wide range of different requirements, including digital transformation, sustainable educational buildings and innovative spatial concepts. Our education specialists and partners provide our customers with an innovative and unique range of services in terms of the breadth and depth of consulting:

Trends and opportunities: What future challenges must the education and research sectors prepare for?

Which trends influence the education sector?

Education, science and research are more strongly influenced by society than any other sector. Demographic change, for example, is changing the nature of educational institutions. In the future, the number of day-care and school children, trainees and students will develop very differently from region to region, requiring an adjustment to the provision of educational institutions in many places. And the way we teach and learn – keyword: edutainment – is also likely to have a greater impact on the planning and execution of educational buildings in the future. 

Does sustainability play a role in the education industry?

Absolutely! Not only will teaching focus more on sustainable concepts, but buildings must be largely planned and built according to the principles of sustainability. Only the application of such technologies as photovoltaics and air filters and the use of recyclable materials will allow a healthy indoor climate to be achieved. The result is long-lasting feel-good rooms in which users ‘feel at home’.

Can existing school and university buildings also be optimized?

Our experts support public sector customers and private operators from the initial idea through demand and master planning to implementation and operation. They take a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to examining exactly which renovation options existing buildings offer. We examine all factors: What are the structural and legal requirements? What is more cost-effective, a renovation or a new building? Whether the project involves the development of educational concepts for modern learning and research environments, a comprehensive user requirements analysis or advice on possible subsidies – we always tailor our services to our customers’ needs.


Drees & Sommer enters into cooperative ventures with selected companies and associations to be able to offer an innovative range of services that is unique both in terms of its 360° approach and the level of consulting that can be provided.

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