INNOVATIVEWho says innovation is not long-lasting?

Innovation projects


As intuitive software, Icmd is the professional tool for clearly mapping all project phases and planning and controlling projects easily, efficiently, and successfully.

Scope of application:
Project and process planning and management

Added value:

  • Easily create the optimal schedule
  • Identify and resolve planning deviations
  • Identify causes of disruption before they arise
  • Automatic synchronization of planning and execution

The Match platform brings startups and corporates together to exchange ideas, start new projects, develop business models and, in this way, jointly shape the future of the real estate and construction industry.

Areas of application:
Innovation projects in the real estate sector

Added value:

  • Free browsing or targeted search for solutions and new technologies
  • Customized recommendations based on your (search) profile
  • Access to a wide range of relevant start-ups
Building Material Scout

Building Material Scout provides a single central source of all the information you need for Green Building projects. It benefits not only product manufacturers, but also architects, principals, construction companies and auditors.

Areas of application:
Ecological and healthy construction

Added value:

  • Easy access to sustainable materials and construction products
  • Enables sustainable construction without the need for in-house expertise
  • Simple, digitally structured project documentation throughout the entire planning process thanks to the planning tool
  • Products found in the database can be linked directly to projects – with or without BIM
Leased space configurator

Our leased space configurator enables agile marketing communication and simplifies interaction with potential lessees through 3-dimensional virtual representation of the leased space.

Areas of application:
Leasing of real estate (space)

Added value:

  • Fast and efficient process to set up new lease agreements 
  • Reduces vacancy and increases lease income 

EPEA is an innovation partner for clients and business partners to jointly align business for the next industrial revolution: the Circular Economy.

Areas of application:
Materials, products, processes, real estate, urban districts

Added value:

  • Sustainable solutions for products, processes, buildings and entire urban districts
  • Sustainability that also pays off financially

Madaster is the registry for materials. The online platform is an important prerequisite for the Circular Economy in the construction and real estate industry, as it consolidates all necessary material information digitally and presents it in a transparent format.

Scope of application

Ecological, healthy and cost-efficient planning and construction

Added value:

  • Allows real estate data to be stored, managed, enriched and exchanged
  • Allows buildings and infrastructure to be designed and realized as recyclable raw material depots
  • Allows buildings and infrastructure to be organized as a registered raw material bank, and to be used for accounting purposes in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB) or for real estate valuations
  • Allows assessment of the Circular Economy potential of real estate during its life cycle
  • Prepares for the introduction of a carbon tax on real estate in the near future
  • Acts as an interface for all real estate stakeholders
  • Provides an ecosystem that creates marketplaces for reused products, for architects, project developers, banks, asset managers, and the public sector