This poses challenges for many companies:

  • How digital does my building have to be?
  • What data is required for cost-efficient operation? And can the required data be provided by the building?
  • Will I get all the data I need for my sustainability reporting? (ESG, Environmental Social Governance)
  • Is building services equipment suitable for networking?
  • Which digitization modules are the right ones?
  • Is my IT infrastructure fit for the Internet of things (IoT)and the media technology of the future?
  • Would my building withstand a penetration test?
  • What new business models can my building support?

Have you ever asked yourself one or more of these questions? The Drees & Sommer Digital Ready Check gives you the answers you need.

In a smart building, it’s not the number of sensors that matters, but the added value for users. That’s why the basis is always a digitization strategy that we develop together with you. To ensure that a property can be developed and used to suit your needs, our digitization experts check the existing technology (IT and technical infrastructure, networking capability, cybersecurity, etc.) with regard to their digital readiness.

Step 1

Creation of a building profile with all essential information about the property.

Step 2

Examination of the building/urban district against a comprehensive catalog of criteria, e.g. in the areas of connectivity, technical infrastructure and interfaces (networking capability, cybersecurity, etc.).

Step 3

Assessment of the building against defined assessment criteria for digital readiness.

Step 4

Summary of the results in an explanatory report with an initial list of recommendations as the basis for a digitization strategy and implementation.

This assessment can be carried out for new buildings on the basis of current planning, and for established buildings or entire real estate portfolios using existing documents, supplemented if necessary by on-site data collection.

App-supported data collection

The collection of building data for the Digital Ready Check is carried out digitally using an app provided by Drees & Sommer. This allows building data to be collected quickly and efficiently, especially in the case of an entire real estate portfolio, and minimizes the additional burden on your property and facility managers.

The data collected can be customized, and can also be used to extend data collection for your own purposes. All data collected is processed by our experts and included in an explanatory report adapted to your needs.