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Logistics & Transport, Infrastructure Provision

SBB AG, Zurich - Winterthur, Brüttener Tunnel


Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB AG

Project duration

2016 - 2035

Today, more than 120,000 people travel daily between Zurich and Winterthur. This means that the Swiss Federal Railways network between Effretikon and Winterthur is fully utilised. As part of the STEP AS35 programme (Strategic Development Programme Rail Infrastructure Expansion Step 2035) of the Swiss Federal Office of Transport, the federal government and SBB AG are planning the construction of the Brüttenertunnel. This project will eliminate a capacity bottleneck and create a correspondingly efficient Winterthur rail junction.

SBB AG was commissioned by the federal government to carry out a feasibility study at the end of 2016. The preliminary project phase started in autumn 2017. Drees & Sommer was appointed as project manager in support of the main coordination team.

Additional value

  • Support of the main coordination team in project management


  • Project management
  • Project structure
  • Scheduling
  • Cost Planning / Cost Structure
  • Controlling
  • Coordination of delivery objects
  • Document Management / Data Management
  • Pending control
  • Accompaniment and support Planner tender Construction project until commissioning