© Municipality of Herrliberg, Switzerland; Illustration: Pascal Walther: Drees & Sommer Switzerland
Energy Supply (electricity, gas, district heating)

Smart Meter Rollout Municipality of Herrliberg


Municipality of Herrliberg


Herrliberg, Zurich

Project duration

January 2020 - February 2022

Total costs

approx. CHF 5 millions

The Swiss electorate approved the revised Energy Act (Energy Strategy 2050) in the referendum on 21 May 2017. Under the Energy Act, which has now come into force, 80% of all metering equipment must be converted to smart metering systems by the end of 2027. 
The municipality of Herrliberg is leading by example and, as part of its energy strategy, has decided to carry out the nationwide smart meter rollout in 2021. This project implements the requirements of the Energy Act from the Energy Strategy 2050 for the introduction of smart metering systems. The project includes the installation of 4,000 smart meters (intelligent electricity meters), 1,500 control units and the connection of 1,400 water meters and 500 gas meters. Communication with the meters in the properties is 95% via the municipality's own fibre optic network and 5% via mobile communications. The metering data is processed and the metering system is managed in the "Management System Platform", which is being set up as a SaaS solution (Software as a Service) by the metering service provider.

Various interfaces to different market partners, peripheral systems and service providers are realised to ensure a high degree of automation of the overall system. As part of the smart metering rollout, the existing ripple control technology will also be replaced by decentralised, intelligent control solutions in the properties. In addition to load control, this solution will enable the Herrliberg municipal electricity utility to offer end customers additional services in the future, e.g. in the areas of e-mobility and PV systems.
Drees & Sommer Switzerland is mandated to manage the overall project and represent the client on behalf of the political municipality of Herrliberg, thereby helping to shape this exciting flagship project.

Added value

  • Overall project management and support of the client in complex project plans
  • Contribution of expert knowledge in the field of smart metering
  • Support with submissions, monitoring and quality assurance
  • Supporting the client with regard to meeting deadlines, costs and quality

Individual services

  • Overall project management
  • Client support
  • Specialist support for smart metering
  • Technical coordination
  • Cost / schedule controlling
  • Submissions
  • Contract and supplement management
  • Technical consulting