Sustainable hotel concepts

Sustainable Hospitality

The Hospitality sector will only be future-proof if it maintains a balance between the three pillars of sustainability, that is, if ecological, economic and social aspects are taken into account in hotel projects.

Sustainable Hospitality is a service offered by Drees & Sommer to provide practical and future-proof consulting that contributes to lasting value creation for hotel property owners and operators. Drees & Sommer adopts an interdisciplinary approach, taking into account such aspects as operational cost-efficiency, carbon neutrality, energy efficiency and the recyclability of materials.

To what extent does Sustainable Hospitality impact you?

  • Are you an investor, hotel developer or portfolio owner? Do you want to certify your hotel with one of the labels commonly used in the sector (DGNB, BREEAM, LEED)?
  • Are you wondering how, as a hotel owner or operator, you can harmonize economic and ecological factors in a way that adds value?
  • Are you aware of the pending legal requirements that you will need to meet as an owner or operator in order to achieve the UN climate goals?
  • In addition to your focus on cost-efficient and ecological energy generation, do you pay special attention to the use of non-hazardous, recyclable materials – especially with regard to the health and well-being of your guests and employees?

You have to address the following points

  • Sustainability standards
  • Increased efficiency in building operation
  • Conservation of resources and recyclability
  • DGNB, LEED or BREEAM certification of your hotel
  • Climate-neutral energy generation
  • Sustainable travel

Our approach to Sustainable Hospitality

We use a multistage process to advise our customers on the optimal planning and realization of a sustainable hotel. We conduct workshops with our clients to develop the key focal points for consultation. This also involves defining the objectives, for example, whether the aim is to certify properties, or to design and build a new hotel using the C2C approach. We highlight optimization potential including an added-value analysis, and develop an implementation strategy.

This approach applies both to hotels in the development phase and to established properties. Our hospitality experts always work closely with our appropriate specialist departments, as well as with colleagues from EPEA – Part of Drees & Sommer.

A fully sustainable hotel can only be built when the three elements ecology, economy and social are in balance for all stakeholders (owner, operator and guest).

The benefits for you

  • Holistic value creation through the efficient operation of a resource-conserving property
  • Innovative consulting services throughout the lifecycle of the property  
  • Development of future-oriented hotel products and standards that distinguish you from competitors
  • Lasting increase in value for both hotel owners and operators
  • Use of non-hazardous, regenerative substances and materials in keeping with the Cradle to Cradle® approach (C2C) for recycling to biological and technical cycles
  • Optional consulting on the climate neutrality of your hotel
  • Development of sustainability criteria as brand standards and as a USP for improved positioning in global competition
  • Single source of interdisciplinary integrated consulting
  • Central contact for your hotel projects worldwide

Would you like to know more about Sustainable Hospitality?

Jan Hendrik Lukowski
Dr. Jan Hendrik Lukowski Leading Consultant

+41 79 919 54 55


Whether smart hotels, mixed-used concepts, or city or resort hotels – our customers benefit from a comprehensive, well-grounded service portfolio. From initiation to planning and implementation, we set new environmental and health standards for hotels of the future with strategic Real Estate Consulting and sustainable solutions. Our interdisciplinary team has industry-specific expertise and uses digital technologies to optimize operations and the guest journey. We offer innovative goal-oriented customized solutions for every challenge – all from a single source.