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Urban development of the "Porte de Hollerich" eco-district, Luxembourg


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Duration of project

August 2019 - September 2025

The Porte de Hollerich development site has been the subject of intensive reflection for over 10 years. The initial concept of creating a new commercial district around a new peripheral station (competition 2004, master plan 2009) was abandoned due to a strategic reorientation of the concept towards rail traffic.

The urban planning objective is now to build a residential area in the city centre with high ecological standards and innovative approaches. With the abandonment of the uses of the gasometer and, in prospect, the bus depot, Luxembourg City will have a considerable surface area in its ownership, making sustainable development of the site possible. As various private owners and the State have also signalled their willingness to cooperate, and the basic planning conditions have been clarified, concrete implementation can now begin.

The planning zone covers an area of around 35 ha. The current state of planning was presented in a Masterplan in 2022.

The "Porte de Hollerich" master plan aims to achieve exemplary, progressive and sustainable urban development with innovative and forward-looking approaches in economic, social and environmental terms. The aim is to develop a learning, exemplary and innovative overall neighbourhood, which can only function collectively.

Added value

  • Coordination of landowners
  • Coordination of the refinement of the master plan


  • Project management (planning, costs and quality)
  • Profitability calculations
  • Coordination of the various owners
  • Coordination of the master plan, the PAPs-test and the guidelines for the development of the eco-neighbourhood
  • Coordination of the development of the PAPs