From a building to a product: An industry in transition

Changing requirements in the construction and real estate sectors mean that we face the challenge of future-proofing our planning and construction processes. Buildings are becoming increasingly sophisticated and current processes are characterized by productivity of less than 50 percent and a high level of consumption of resources and materials.

So the sector needs a reset in the design, engineering, production and execution of buildings. How to use sustainable and resource-conserving materials and the development of cost-effective processes while permitting the greatest possible individuality are therefore some of the key challenges – for both new and established buildings. The industrial processes of Industry 4.0 and the ‘one of a kind production’ approach offer many opportunities that the construction industry has yet to exploit.

The solution: Blue Modularity powered by Drees & Sommer

The aim is to increase productivity, avoid waste, act transparently and sustainably, and incorporate all aspects of high-level networking into construction processes.

To this end, we have founded our Blue Modularity Hub. Our vision is that Blue Buildings – buildings that are future-proof in every respect – will be designed, engineered and produced like modern products. This includes the use of sustainable and resource-efficient materials and the development of cost-effective processes with the greatest possible level of individuality.

The approach:

  • Based on a rationalized geometry – the project coordinate system – individually planned buildings will be divided into as many recurring structural units as possible.
  • The ‘Virtual Factory’ then incorporates these modules into an interdisciplinary engineering, production and assembly process. Production is undertaken within the supplier network, with all suppliers connected via our digital platform.
  • The project coordinate system used in the design phase forms the basis for spatial integration and adaptability of the building, control of logistics and of installation and assembly, facility management, and Smart Building applications. Throughout the building’s entire lifecycle, the project coordinate system delivers the exact digital coordinates of each element of the building in both space and time.
  • In this way, Blue Modularity ensures that everything fits together perfectly and that the elements can be continuously monitored and changed in the system.
No off-the-shelf buildings

An architectural design is created based on our customer’s specific needs.

From design to modular design

The architectural design is converted into a 100% geometrically defined modular model. As far as possible, we use systems and modules that have already been developed and used by our partner network.

From modular design to finished product

We achieve this by systematically detecting structures and repetitive patterns within the building design. We transform structures into systems and modules, and work with you to create the conditions for an industrialized process.

Production in the Virtual Factory

The Virtual Factory – comprising our experts and a flexible and open network of partners – takes over from here. This enables us to achieve efficient networked planning, production, assembly and installation.

The result: A future-oriented building with cost and delivery guarantee

With Blue Modularity, our customers get climate-positive buildings that will also meet future ESG requirements. We ensure that the building is regenerative throughout its lifecycle. Thanks to the C2C documentation of all materials used, you always know the value of the materials in the building. You also get a smart flexible building that is perfectly integrated into your digital environment. And ready for new types of use in the future.

The added value for our customers: No risk. Only fun.

Blue Modularity offers our customers a needs-based package – from consulting services through to the building as a product – with schedule, quality and cost promises and a central point of contact. And the customer gets an adaptable building that makes optimal use of digitization and – thanks to the principle behind its resource-efficient production and use – is livable in the best sense of the word. So what we offer is essentially ‘Your building as an efficient, customized and recyclable product’.

If you want...

  • A building as a ‘no worries’ product, with schedule, quality and cost promises and a central point of contact
  • A customized architect-designed building that at the same time offers all the advantages of industrial production – efficiency, cost saving, speed, and reduced defect rate
  • Flexibility in use plus sustainable and recyclable buildings as standard
  • A building as raw material repository that also meets future ESG and Cradle to Cradle® requirements
  • A smart building tailored to your needs and perfectly integrated into your digital environment
  • To define the requirements for your building and see immediately what the outcome will be
  • To hand over control of the processes to us after configuration of your future building so that you can use the time until it is completed to focus on your core business

...then you should go with Blue Modularity powered by Drees & Sommer. With Blue Modularity, we are making lasting change to construction – for our customers’ benefit. We are creating a new standard to simplify the planning, engineering, production, assembly and installation of customized buildings.

Why we are the right partner for you

Our Blue Modularity Hub has many years of expertise in the modular planning of customized buildings. We have all the specialist disciplines in-house and can access a powerful network of partners. We also have the necessary knowledge to integrate digital planning tools such as BIM. This know-how is supplemented by wide-ranging experience in all process stages in many sectors and for nearly all types of project. We also have v.create, LCM Digital and Madaster – innovative tools that can be used to full effect with this method.


Have we aroused your interest?

 If so, please get in touch with our Blue Modularity Hub and let us advise you on your project.