Sustainability consulting

Would you like to make your company more sustainable, strengthen your environmental and social responsibility and increase your competitiveness? Then Drees & Sommer Switzerland is the right partner for you. We are your expert for sustainability consulting and offer you customised solutions for your individual challenges. Whether you want to certify your buildings green, make your supply chain circular, achieve your ESG goals or make your portfolio climate-neutral - we support you from strategy to implementation and beyond.


What will characterize buildings in the future? The answer to that sounds simple: their focus on people and nature. But, this leads to numerous requirements that are not simple to implement. For example, they need to be networked, self-sufficient, flexible, recyclable, healthy, energy efficient, and emission neutral! Ultimately, however, it is crucial that these properties have a positive effect on the overall economic balance of the property.

Drees & Sommer Switzerland is an expert in the field of sustainability consulting and green building certification and is your partner for all aspects of life cycle engineering. Our experienced consultants and project managers support you from the initial idea through to commissioning. We evaluate your property and its use from an economic, technical, and ecological point of view, identify potential savings, and develop profitable optimization strategies and specific measures. The result of our sustainability consulting is a balance between economic efficiency and sustainability. Our experience shows that future-proof and sustainable buildings enjoy a high level of internal and external acceptance without having to compromise on economic efficiency.

ESG (environmental, social, governance) refers to a holistic business practice. This measures and evaluates the impact of economic activity on the environment, human interaction, and corporate governance over and above economic parameters. This minimizes ESG future risks and creates incentives for long-term successful and therefore sustainable strategies. Drees & Sommer Switzerland is guided by ESG regulations and supports clients in introducing and complying with them. The result is a concrete strategy and plan of measures that is tailored to your needs. More about ESG consulting and management.


We conduct a comprehensive portfolio analysis to determine the economic and sustainable potential of your property. We work with the client to determine the net-zero strategy, utilize synergies within the portfolio, and establish immediate measures. From the strategy to the implementation of individual structural measures, we put together an all-round climate protection package for your portfolio and support you during the planning, quality assurance, and execution stages right through to commissioning. At the same time, we show you which innovative supplementary technologies are suitable for your property and develop a roadmap for energy-efficient renovation. More about manage-to-net-zero.


Drees & Sommer Switzerland is an expert in the field of sustainability and certification systems for green buildings. Drees & Sommer and the former EPEA Internationale Umweltforschung GmbH have been working together since 2019 with the aim of establishing cradle-to-cradle design principles for the circular economy in all sectors. Drees & Sommer Switzerland acts as a link between investors, developers, architects, and product manufacturers to implement cradle-to-cradle innovations in planning, construction, and operation.  The use of recyclable and healthy products results in buildings with outstanding interior quality that also offer a high level of security for the medium- and long-term value retention of the properties. More about cradle to cradle.



Have you ever wondered what the circular economy in construction is all about? Why it is important at all? How it can contribute to net zero and ESG goals? What can be done better in new buildings and refurbishment projects today, and how can circularity be assessed and measured?

Then register for the “Circular economy in construction” impulse workshop, which helps companies, organizations, and mixed groups get to grips with the topic. It consists of half a day with expert input and room for interaction at NEST Dübendorf, including a tour of innovative demonstration objects. The Blue Way with Drees & Sommer Switzerland.

If you are interested, please contact Ivo Angehrn.


Our services in the field of sustainability consulting

Life cycle engineering

Our life cycle engineering examines and evaluates properties and their use in terms of economic, technical, and environmental factors and develops economic optimization strategies. Our technical and economic construction consultancy ensures that you get what you imagined, on time, and on budget.

Green building certifications

For green building certification, our experts determine the appropriate green building label (Minergie/ECO/P; LEED; BREEAM; SNBS; DGBNB; and SSREI at portfolio level) and review the costs, opportunities, and risks of the project. We support the certification process and are authorized to certify buildings in accordance with these established systems.

Cradle to cradle and urban mining

The Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) concept describes the principle of two continuous cycles (circular economy) as consumer goods are broken down into unmixed source materials after use, fed into a technical cycle, and reused. The use of recyclable and healthy products results in buildings with outstanding interior quality that also offer a high level of security for the medium- and long-term value retention of the properties. Drees & Sommer Switzerland advises you on all issues relating to the implementation of the circular economy, be it the handling of raw materials, the purchase or leasing of circular building products, the furnishing of your property, the dismantling of your site/property, or the analysis of buildings for their recyclability. We use the Building Circularity Passport (BCP) as a building passport that shows what has been achieved and enables complete documentation of your property. As a partner of Madaster, we work with data from the material register to provide concrete advice on how to reuse existing materials from buildings. This urban mining approach means we are laying the foundations for a circular building economy.

360° property assessment analysis

This is an extension of the regular TDD, in which we advise you based on an analysis in other technical areas such as smart buildings, electromobility, and net zero, as well as providing comprehensive advice on important areas such as social issues and governance. This gives you a comprehensive overall view


Contact for sustainability consulting

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