Project Management Fit-Out

Often the question of optimizing existing housing or finding suitable new housing coincides with organizational changes. Current trends such as sustainability, digitalization or events affecting the economy can also be triggers. The project managers at Drees & Sommer translate your ambitions and needs into a new housing concept and supervise its realization. We believe that housing can serve as a catalyst for the successful achievement of your organizational goals.

Our mission is to create positive user experiences that contribute to the success of your business. Because in the end, it's all about people; the end users of the building. A positive experience leads to higher productivity, better collaboration, attraction for new talent, engaged and energetic employees and a positive work culture. With our integral approach, we create 'healthy & smart buildings' and 'happy people' for a strong brand identity, both internally and externally. We take into account trends such as Smart Buildings, Well-being and People & Planet to achieve this goal. A building should not be a health barrier; it should be a safe place for its users.

Drees & Sommer is your one-stop-shop with an extensive portfolio of services and 50 years of (international) experience. Together with UX, design and FM specialists, our project managers guide your project from the initial idea and design to change management, realization and facility management. Based on professional management methodologies, the integrated team provides support in the areas of project planning, budget control, information management, communication and decision-making process, risk management and quality assurance.

What you can expect from us

Feasibility study
Program management/quality monitoring
Design management
Project management
Construction management
Turnkey approach
Relocation Management