Project Management

The Drees & Sommer project department supports you throughout the construction process. We take you, the client, by the hand during the construction process so that you can make timely decisions based on well-founded advice. Our project managers offer you professional expertise and support in the areas of plan development, design management, project planning, budget and quality control, organization, communication and risk management.

First, we determine the frameworks and preconditions together with you, the client. Then we set up the appropriate project organization with the clearest possible decision-making procedures. Before the start of a project, Drees & Sommer records the phasing, consultation structures, tasks and responsibilities of all parties in a project plan. Factors such as time, quality, money, organization, information and risk management play an important role in this. As the client's advocate, we find the right balance between these factors and the various internal and external interests.

As delegated principal, we are responsible for ensuring that the project meets the specified requirements and is realized on time and within budget. Drees & Sommer supports you with the selection, contracting and management of the many parties involved, monitoring the quality to be delivered and, if necessary, monitoring the interaction between the organizational and accommodation changes, both internal and external.

We control planning during design, procurement and execution phases using agile planning processes. We manage cost and schedule through rigorous control, and always ensure that minimum quality standards are met.

What you can expect from us

Strategic plan
Program of Requirements
Feasibility study
Plan review
System Engineering
Design Management
Process Management
Integrated design and realization management
Contract management
Tendering and award advice
Risk Management

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