Consulting, design and infrastructure management


For several decades, Drees & Sommer has been assisting customers in the public and private sectors with the launch, design and implementation of infrastructure projects. In this sector, the public interest is particularly strong: this calls for particularly rigorous project implementation.

During the potential analysis, feasibility study and project appraisal phase, we take into account the profitability and legal compliance requirements issued by the owner and other project partners. By comparing different implementation options at an early stage, we create a reassuring context. Our experience is based on a large number of successful projects in setting up project organizations and structures, processes and tools.

In the second step, we translate the findings from analyses and feasibility studies into an overall or system concept. Thanks to our project management skills, we can support owners in the implementation of their projects, particularly on line construction sites. We guarantee smooth logistics, optimize construction times and limit nuisance. We constantly monitor compliance with health, safety and environmental standards. If we need to manage several projects in the same portfolio or investment program at the same time, we use our specific multi-project or program management tools and processes. We steer the awarding of contracts and ensure that legal procedures relating to public procurement are respected, through rigorous permit management. We also enable specific funding structures (e.g. public subsidies) to join the project at an early stage, and we support you in your applications for aid through specific financial control, subsidy control and control of the release of funds.

Thanks to our management of contracts and amendments, and our proactive risk management, we can warn you at an early stage of the dangers arising from delays, cost overruns or possible litigation, and help you to avoid or minimize them wherever possible. Rigorous monitoring of project risks ensures that alternative options are available to you throughout the project - an essential prerequisite for any decision.  

In public-private partnership projects, we draw on our expertise to support you in all the necessary preliminary investigations and in the technical and economic definition of projects, as well as in the contract award and project implementation phases. We also act as technical advisors, ensuring that funds are used correctly.

Details of service modules:

  • Potential analysis, feasibility studies
  • Project assessment (360° analysis)
  • Organization and process consulting
  • General plan
  • Infrastructure systems planning
  • Project management, site logistics
  • Multi-project and program management
  • Health-Safety-Environment coordination
  • Contract award procedures
  • Permit management
  • Financial and grant auditing
  • Contract, amendment and risk management
  • Public-private project consulting and control


Our added value:

We carry out in-depth analyses and draw up concepts that serve as a solid foundation for your projects. We guarantee professional monitoring of the fundamental procedures of procurement and permitting, financing, design and construction. We make sure that the project stays within the original framework in every respect.