Facility Management Consulting

Regardless of their type and use, buildings are designed and built for a specific purpose and operated over a long period based on different requirements. This is true irrespective of whether the building is an investment property or used by an owner-occupier to support the company’s core business. Facility Management Consulting encompasses all facets of a property’s operation and maintenance throughout its lifecycle and focuses on the three Ps: People, Processes and Places. Our experts ensure maximum flexibility, sustainability and efficiency through practice-oriented consulting. 

We understand the design process, and the technical systems and management strategies required for buildings to function effectively. That expertise enables us to establish a clear understanding between building owners, occupiers, architects and contractors on facility management approaches that best deliver on a property’s planned use. We undertake design reviews and deliver costed proposals that help ensure buildings are straightforward to maintain and efficient to operate. 

Our experts improve a building’s transfer from developer to operator. We assist clients to know how their building works, and we provide the technical expertise, maintenance strategies and operational budgets they require. We develop strategies and concepts – and are happy to be judged on operational implementation and the actual results of our work. 

Our Facility Management Consulting services include the following elements

  • FM Strategy and Operational Modelling or Reviews 
  • FM Procurement & Outsourcing 
  • Contract Terms & Conditions 
  • Performance Measurement & Management 
  • Service Specifications 
  • Operational Cost Reviews & Benchmarking 
  • Operational & Service Audits 
  • Market Overview & Trends 


By acting as a ‘temporary construction department’, Drees & Sommer supports the  client by taking over tasks that can be delegated for the duration of the project. Our experience and competence protect the client from unpleasant surprises. 

As project controller, we support the client professionally in the key areas of schedule, cost and quality, as well as with organisational tasks. At the same time, client representatives retain their management function. 

As project manager, we manage project participants on behalf of the principal. As a rule, the principal transfers the so-called ‘delegable client functions’ to us. This approach is usually taken for more complex projects or in the case of clients who do not have sufficient management know-how or capacity. 

In the Project Management Office (PMO) approach, we undertake higher-level project management and reporting for overall project execution, working with the client in integrated teams. 

Agile planning processes allow us to manage planning, while keeping a close eye on cost-efficiency and using value engineering to find the best solutions. Our specialists keep the costs and schedule under control through rigorous controlling, while always ensuring that the agreed quality levels are met. 

We identify any defects occurring during execution with specialist software and ensure that site management and contractors rectify them promptly. 

The client is free to focus on their core business as we undertake the majority of project-related tasks on their behalf. Our approach is integrated, comprehensive and solution-oriented, ensuring cost efficiency and adherence to the agreed overall budget and quality within a realistic timeframe.