On time. On budget. In line with your concept.

In order to enable a construction process that functions like clockwork – ultimately resulting in a building that performs to its full potential - all trades must be meticulously coordinated beforehand.

Successful planning, in turn, is the result of holistic thinking and actions. This comprehensive approach has been championed by the Drees & Sommer engineering team globally, project after project, for more than 30 years.

Diligence at every stage of the process, paired with our experience in pioneering new green building approaches developed in the high-tech building market in Germany, means we do things differently – offering you innovative, tailor-made engineering solutions that save time and money. 


Our target is to be 20% more economic than our competitors, which we achieve by approaching every stage of a project with an efficiency-led mindset.

With the end user in mind, we help design economical and environmentally friendly façades and other components in a way that conserves resources and supports the overall climate and energy concept in the completed building, integrating renewable energy generation wherever possible. Our innovative building shells greatly reduce energy requirements and, like the building structure, are made from resource-efficient materials. 


Our expert team can advise you on healthy building materials, product systems, and on our cutting-edge Cradle to Cradle® solutions that not only enable your building to perform more efficiently, but complement the architectural design.


With our well established international project management and engineering offices, e.g. in Germany, Middle East, China and France, we are able to serve as a gateway for clients and architects who are looking for a trusted partner to deliver a project in these regions.

Drees & Sommer provides bespoke individual engineering services, with consistent, personal contacts who will support you through each step of the project.


  • Building Ecology Consulting
  • Building Simulations: Fluid, Thermal and Solar Simulations
  • Commissioning Management and Validation
  • Competition Support for Architects
  • Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) Consulting
  • Digital Smart Building Consulting
  • Energy and Operation Optimisation for Existing Buildings
  • Green Building Certification: BREEAM, LEED, DGNB
  • Holistic Conceptual Design
  • MEP, Façade and Structural Consulting
  • Quality Assurance through Design Reviews
  • Refurbishment Concepts
  • Sustainability Consulting
  • Technical Monitoring to Evaluate the Construction Progress Compared to Financing
  • Value Engineering

Our services in the area of general planning and integrated design

Project management

The Technical Project Manager is your central point of contact for building services engineering and the various interfaces to the adjacent specialist disciplines. They provide support in setting up the project team, optimize planning and project processes and lead project meetings and planning coordination.

BIM - based planning

Geometric data, data on technical properties, time sequences of production processes and cost data: Our aim is to prepare multidimensional data structures in projects for the client, project management and those involved in planning in terms of overall coordination, thereby optimizing the efficiency of the planning process.

We use BIM methodology specifically for digital specialist planning in the HVAC and electrical / GA sectors. We also use defined processes to generate quantity take-offs from the coordinated BIM model, which we use as a basis for cost calculations and tenders.  Pre-planned, BIM-based planning makes the complexity caused by the building's use manageable.

This technical and spatial planning coordination (specialist coordination) of the specialist planners involved with the help of BIM tools and the consistent BIM collaboration approach contributes significantly to the planning quality and thus to the success of your project.

Technical building services

We plan building services across all trades - from the initial concept to the tender. We combine our many years of experience with well thought-out planning processes, modular planning and modern BIM tools. We provide our clients with comprehensive advice and ensure targeted, professional and BIM-based 3D planning. Our goal: technical building services that meet the highest quality standards and offer cost and schedule certainty. We summarize all of this in a resilient tender.

Modular planning

With modular planning, we systematically map individual architectural designs and technical building concepts in planning sub-units, i.e. modules. This makes it easier to standardize planning, production or process sequences: integrated and detailed - following the example of the manufacturing industry. And without compromising on aesthetics, functionality and efficiency with the help of standardized, recurring planning processes.

Cost and schedule management

We determine and coordinate costs and deadlines for building services across all service phases from the start of the project. For the greatest possible transparency, our extensive project database provides comparative data for validation and plausibility checks.

Façade technology

In façade planning, we develop façade concepts - closely coordinated with the client and architect. Our task is to improve the architect's design of the façade economically, to ensure the function of the façade and to create cost certainty right from the start. Our planning is product and system-neutral - and we are able to provide our clients with expert advice at every planning stage.

Building physics

In the specialist discipline of building physics, we ensure compliance with statutory sound and thermal insulation requirements. In addition, our building physicists lay the planning foundations for climate-friendly construction and a high level of user comfort. They act between different planning trades and contribute to the correct implementation of the planning by the executing companies on the construction site.

Green Building Certification

With decades of experience in the planning and construction of sustainable buildings and green buildings, we provide you with comprehensive support: from ideas and concepts for new buildings to the analysis and optimization of existing properties or entire real estate portfolios to certification and efficiency improvements in building operation.