Real Estate Consulting

Whether properties are used for core business operations or represent an attractive asset class in themselves, current real estate know-how is always an important competitive advantage.   


Corporate real estate: Increasing space and cost efficiency 

Whether for large corporates or small- and medium-sised manufacturers, real estate often simply provides the premises and infrastructure for companies to conduct their core business. But that does not have to be the case! Portfolio flexibility, cost optimisation, digitisation, site development, new work environments and sustainability are just a few of the challenges faced by professional Corporate Real Estate Management teams. Simply managing and exploiting properties necessary for business operations is an outdated approach. Systematic Corporate Real Estate Management identifies and exploits the building’s potential to increase area and cost efficiency. 

We advise companies on all aspects of their real estate management – for example with regard to organisation and processes, governance and control, procurement, workplace solutions, sustainability and digitisation. 


Companies that see real estate as their core business, or at least as part of it, face increasing complexity and a constantly dwindling supply of attractive properties. It is difficult to separate organisational and engineering aspects from economic or strategic issues. For this reason, far-sighted decisions often require a holistic view. That is why Drees & Sommer combines management and engineering competency with commercial and business know-how. 


In-depth cost-efficiency analysis forms the basis for the assessment and management of real estate. Drees & Sommer experts use static and dynamic processes to help clients with inventory optimisation, project developments, and sale and acquisition decisions. The focus is on identifying the appropriate strategic course of action for the particular situation of the company. 

Whether purchasing or selling real estate or land, transparency and in-depth knowledge of the properties form the basis for a successful transaction. Using tried and tested methods and reliable data, our Technical and Commercial Due Diligence delivers a precise assessment of the quality of the property, highlighting any risks or deal breakers, as well as any appreciation potential, thus securing the return on investment. 

Following contract closure, we safeguard purchased project developments by providing technical project controlling for the duration of the project. The focus is on agreed quality (contractual project specifications), transparency with regard to deadlines, and clarity in terms of any events impacting project costs. 

Through project finance controlling with prior project analysis, we create security and transparency before the signing of the loan agreement, as well as providing security of the ongoing finance for the respective lender or investor. 

We also support vendors with transaction management by implementing a structured sales process. 

When it comes to valuation, the focus is on real estate valuation in accordance with national and international valuation methods, as well as on real estate value analysis, which enables value-oriented portfolio management through a comparison of market and book values.