When planning, it is critical to consider from the outset who the future users will be, what expectations they will have, and what digital added value the building must offer. One must also consider what will be important in the operational phase and which systems the actors will use in and around the building. 


  • Unclear user requirements for a smart/digital building 
  • Concerns about security vulnerabilities 
  • Data protection issues relating to building operations 
  • Possibility of cyberattacks and protection against them 
  • Frequent updates to the systems and the uncertainty associated with them 
  • Concern about the high costs of digital solutions 
  • Fear that the building will already be technically outdated upon completion 


At Drees & Sommer, we do not see digital technologies as an end in themselves, but as a means to improve processes, heighten the user experience, ensure the sustainable operation of real estate, and make new business models possible. A tailor-made smart building is designed to meet the exact needs of the users. It can reliably monitor and control processes, thereby creating economic and ecological added value for all participants. 


We support you in overcoming your individual challenges in three steps. Firstly, we carry out a comprehensive, conscientious needs assessment (including due diligence), then offer you strategic advice with solution recommendations based on functional and technical requirements, and finally we take care of the planning and implementation of your modern IT architecture.

We concentrate on four specific service areas:

Customized Smart Buildings​ 

  • Defining the requirements for digital and user-relevant processes​ 
  • Data analysis and optimization processes​ 
  • Support until start of operation​

BIM Solutions​ 

  • Strategic BIM consulting: Development of an organization-wide BIM strategy​ 
  • BIM management: BIM process in the project from LPH 0 to 8 (HOAI)​ 
  • BIM coordination: technical coordination of BIM planning 

Digital Ready Check

  • Evaluation of real estate in terms of digital readiness as a basis for the digitalization strategy  
  • Requirements check (IT infrastructures, technical infrastructure, networkability, cybersecurity, etc.)  
  • both for new buildings as well as existing buildings or entire real estate portfolios 

Digital Operations

  • Digitalization of existing buildings with tailor-made solutions​ 
  • Design, selection, and implementation of software solutions (CAFM, BPM, desk sharing, ESG tools, IoT platforms etc.)​ 
  • Securing and controlling the operations of smart buildings ​ 
  • Transformation of the organization for the operation of smart buildings​ 


  • User-oriented services​ 
  • Develop new potentials in existing buildings​ 
  • Competitive advantages and increase in property value​ 
  • New business models through digitalization​ 
  • Integrated concepts  


We are ready to support you in your digital transformation and create added value together.