· Bielefeld, Germany

Jahreskongress Quartier

Every ten days, an authority in Germany approves a new quarter. In the process, the investment volume averages 190 million euros (real estate managers). It is an asset class in its own right that has great value for the future. The size and the variety of design options offer an imagination space for new business models, complex approaches to reduce CO₂ emissions and a high quality of life in a confined urban space.

The legislator also appreciates neighbourhood concepts and simplifies the legal procedure: no longer does each individual property have to meet the energy requirements; it is sufficient if they are met at the neighbourhood level.

  • What are the characteristics of a sustainableneighbourhood?
  • Climate protection and climate adaptation in the neighbourhood
  • Mobility and energy management.

These and other topics will be addressed by our expert Klaus Dederichs, among others, at the Quartier Annual Congress on 16 September 2021.

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