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OWP12 Innovation Journey: We build the future - modular and highly flexible

We want to introduce you to the technologies of the future in our OWP12 Innovation Journey over the course of 2021: Innovations that we are testing ourselves on our new office building in order to implement them in customer projects in the future - from the TGA module to the element facade to digital solutions.

Are you interested? We will start on March 24, 2021 from 1 to 3 p.m. at the first virtual stop of our OWP12 Innovation Journey: We are building the future - modular and highly flexible.

  • Together with futurologist Dr. Pero Mićić, we will venture a look at the developments and benchmarks of our industry.
  • With our cooperation partner WÜRTH, we present the innovative TGA module and show exclusive insights directly from the construction site
  • In a concluding interactive panel discussion, we will shed light on the use of innovations for different industries and project types.

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Please let us know to which further stops of the Innovation Journey we may invite you!

We look forward to your virtual visit!