Dossier: From a Reliable Source

Thereʼs no doubt that transforming our energy system is the biggest challenge facing humanity in the 21st century. It is no longer a question of simply protecting the environment, but how we can modernize our entire economy. While progress has been made in embracing renewable energy, our energy supply is still overwhelmingly dependent on fossil fuels.

Drees & Sommer’s experts are providing support on multiple projects for greener, more energy-efficient buildings, districts, infrastructure and even cities. Working in interdisciplinary teams, we have been able to find overarching solutions for both public sector and commercial clients and help them reduce their carbon footprint.

We have put together a comprehensive energy dossier: From a Reliable Source, to give you more context around the energy transition. Get an insight into the challenges and find out our recommendations: from expanding power grid, smart waste heat recovery in data centers, dismantling and converting large power stations and using green hydrogen to power entire districts or fuel our transport sector.

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Featuring photovoltaic panels on both its facade and roof, a high-insulation envelope and integrated geothermal and solar energy, the number of such buildings may still be few but we're going to be seen a lot more of them. Also known as energy-positive buildings, they generate their own energy and use the surplus energy to supply to their immediate environment. 


Stability through smart grids: One potential solution is building more smart grids (or intelligent networks). The hope is that the new systems will automate the inflow and outflow of electricity and help keep the system in equilibrium. It's important to make our system more digitized and decentralized. In the future, power networks will have to be upgraded and rolled out at a massive scale both in Germany and throughout Europe.  


Green and global: Used as an energy source to generate electricity or heat or as a raw industrial material, green hydrogen constitutes a great hope for the future. It will help countries hit  the net-zero carbon emissions targets by 2050. Read more about the enormous challenges, problems and opportunities of hydrogen in this chapter. 


Green roofs, electric cars & good air quality? This is what the smart city of the future could look like. One thing is certain, whether or not we achieve the energy transition, it will be decided in the cities. Find out more in the energy dossier: From a Reliable Source.

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