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#4: Autonomy and agility determine the best User Experience

Building owners and tenants are grappling with the issue of how to pull the users out of the comforts of their couches in the home office and to make the office an attractive option again. “It’s the people and the community that will pull people back”, exclaims Salla Lardot, Leading Consultant, User Experience at Drees & Sommer Netherlands, in the new podcast episode “Autonomy and agility determine the best User Experience”. She lists down the must-haves for offices in the future that can empower the occupiers in their workspaces.  

The pandemic unfolded the issue of autonomy like never before, arming the majority of the global workforce with the weapon of choice that enabled them to decide their work location – home, office, mobile, anywhere, everywhere! And as things slip into the new normal, how can real estate be upgraded to match their evolving requirements. Salla unpacks the role of data, smart technology and their interplay with the user, who are increasingly demanding more flexibility, stressing that providing a gamut of options would lead to happy and satisfied employees. Catch her detailed conversation with Jagori Dhar and Daniela Tatarlieva to uncover the latest trends within the workspace sphere and find out what would be the dealbreaker for the office of the future.

You can connect with Salla Lardot on LinkedIn and benefit from her extensive experience in workplace consulting.   


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