How can we successfully decarbonise without deindustrialising? How can sustainable and circular development, planning, construction and operation become the standard, while Europe and its cities and infrastructures remain competitive? To answer these questions, we need communication and collaboration - a dialogue at eye level that brings together all disciplines, industry leaders and generations. 365 days a year.

That is neext. The new European Ecosystem for Transformation. A communication platform for new market perspectives that embodies the triad of innovative approaches under one roof: Industry, Real Estate and Infrastructure.

Be part of neext. Be part of tomorrow. Togehter, with us.


Europe must reinvent itself. Based on the innovative and creative power of society, business and industry, it is important to scrutinise the status quo and orientate it towards a competitive future.

We need to change the way we are changing - as a company, as a city and as a society. Age and size are being replaced by innovative power and speed.

Interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral and transnational dialog in new ecosystems is increasingly becoming the basis of future success. Vanity debates and monocultures belong to the past.

The vision is followed by the implementation. The goal is to move from talk to action - to truly sustainable and economically viable solutions for companies, cities and locations

365+2 communication days
11 Events
+50 Partners

neext European Talk

Re-Building Europe becomes neext European Talk, a European communication format to increase the overall competitiveness of cities and regions in Europe. Cooperations, networks and partnerships play a key role in the world of tomorrow. In our time, we are experiencing megatrends that are profoundly influencing our society, communication, collaboration and the way we live and build our cities. We offer urban co-creation events in different European cities - 365 days a year.

to increase the overall competitiveness
of European cities and regions.

neext Themen Dialog

Themenreise "People, Process, Places" becomes the neext Themen Dialog as part of the new European Ecosystem for Transformation and innovative market perspectives neext. In times of growing market demands, we emphasise the importance of long-term competitiveness of companies through increased thinking and acting in networks and cooperation. With intensive topic communication, we offer new solutions for the future of industry, production, energy and urban and location development as part of exclusive DACH dialogues - 365 days a year.

about the future of industry,
production, and of urban and site development.

neext Future Summit

The neext Future Summit, the result of a creative alliance and a perfect match between Drees & Sommer, Holtmann+ and numerous partner companies, will offer a platform in Berlin on 18th and 19th September that is more than just an event - it is a transformative movement. With vision, creativity and passion, it is shaping the future of real estate, industry and infrastructure. The Summit creates targeted meeting spaces with diverse forms of communication that stimulate interdisciplinary, cross-industry and cross-national exchange between players. This network aims to evaluate and implement pioneering standards for a sustainable future through collaboration.

on pioneering tomorrow’s Real Estate, Industry and Infrastructure.


Productive City - Port and Industry Integration Into the City Planning @Port of Antwerp

24. + 25.07.24 | Antwerp

Antwerp, Europe's second-largest port, integrates maritime prowess with a vibrant urban setting, playing a key role in global logistics. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, it pioneers smart port tech and green logistics, attracting progressive investors. This fosters economic growth and improves quality of life, positioning Antwerp as a model of industry-urban harmony, drawing a diverse workforce to emerging sectors like sustainable energy and tech startups.

Pioneering Tomorrow's Real Estate, Industry, Infrastructure

18.+19.09.24 | Motorwerk Berlin

The Future Summit offers a unique platform where cross-industry perspectives come together to shape the future. Through interdisciplinary exchange and the integration of different disciplines, innovative ideas and solutions are discussed. The Summit acts as a catalyst for shaping a future-oriented, networked world by bringing together experts and visionaries from different industries to tackle the challenges of tomorrow together.

Green Energy Infrastructure, Mobility and Refurbishments

15.+16.10.24 | Stockholm

Stockholm epitomizes sustainability, prioritizing green energy, innovative infrastructure, and efficient mobility solutions. The city's commitment to renewable energy sources, coupled with advanced infrastructure and eco-friendly transport options, creates a model for urban development that harmonizes environmental consciousness with the demands of a modern, thriving metropolis.

Factory, Production & Logistics of the Future @Kapp AG

16.+17.10.24 | Graz

The factory, production and logistics of the future will be characterised by technologies that focus on efficiency, sustainability and agility. The integration of changeable concepts, artificial intelligence and robotics will transform the manufacturing landscape to enable more flexible and adaptable production processes. At the same time, sustainable practices play a key role, with resource-saving methods and green technologies creating the basis for environmentally friendly production.

Digital Engineering: Rethink Industry, Mobility & Energy @ITK Engineering

20.+21.11.24 | Mannheim

Future solutions in industry and mobility rely on innovative approaches to increase both efficiency in production and sustainability in the mobility environment. Intelligent manufacturing systems not only enable more efficient production, but also create transparent supply chains. At the same time, new mobility concepts are giving rise to efficient and flexible transport solutions. These pioneering solutions rely on a symbiosis of industry and mobility to create a sustainable, efficient and networked future.

London in Transition Urban Retrofit & the Healthy City

27.+28.11.24 | London

London redefines urban living through refurbishment initiatives that seamlessly blend historical charm with modern health-centric design. Renovations prioritize green spaces, pedestrian-friendly zones, and improved air quality. The city's commitment to revitalizing spaces fosters a healthier environment, promoting the well-being of residents and enhancing London's dynamic urban landscape.

Global Market Leaders in Transition @Würth

29.+30.01.24 | Künzelsau

Europe as an industrial centre is facing the greatest challenge in its history to maintain its competitiveness in a constantly changing global economy. In an age of change, adaptability and forward-looking strategies are crucial in order to survive successfully in a dynamic competitive environment.

​​​​​​Paris in Transition: Urban Retrofit & the Healthy City

25. + 26.03.24 | Paris

Paris undergoes extensive refurbishment, blending historic charm with modern amenities for a healthier urban environment. Renovations prioritize green spaces, pedestrian-friendly zones, and improved infrastructure. The city's commitment to sustainability and well-being enhances its appeal, offering residents and visitors a revitalized experience that harmoniously fuses tradition and progress.

City of the Future - Sustainable. Connected. Liveable. @Schindler

24.+25.04.24 | Lucerne

The city of the future is characterised by a sustainable, connected and liveable environment. Through innovative technologies and intelligent infrastructures, we strive to minimise the environmental impact while maximising the quality of life for residents. Well thought-out urban planning, renewable energy sources and the integration of smart city solutions are key elements on the way to a forward-looking, liveable metropolis.

GREENTECH FESTIVAL: Green Energy & Smart Infrastructure @E.ON

16.+17.05.24 | Berlin

As part of the GREENTECH FESTIVAL, the innovative interplay of green energy and smart infrastructure solutions will be presented as groundbreaking for a sustainable future. These networked solutions enable efficient energy management and help to establish resource-saving processes in order to lay the foundations for a greener and future-orientated world.

Innovative Loops - Sustainable Foundations for Resilient Cities @Ahrend & Signify

03. + 04.06.24 | Eindhoven

The Netherlands leads in sustainable urban development with innovative initiatives shaping resilient cities. From flood defense to renewable energy, Dutch ingenuity combats climate change. Efficient transportation and green infrastructure make Dutch cities living labs for sustainability. Collaboration and pragmatism drive progress. Exploring Eindhoven's innovations with partners like Ahrend and Signify inspires a brighter, sustainable future.



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