A Beneficial Company: Internetstores works with EPEA on its holistic sustainability strategy

Internetstores, Europe’s leading specialist retailer for bike and outdoor, has been working towards becoming more sustainable for some time now. The firm’s new cooperation with Cradle to Cradle® pioneer EPEA will result in a longterm plan of action along the entire value chain.

In recent years, the Internetstores Group has worked increasingly hard to address the issue of sustainability. As part of SIGNA Sports United GmbH, the company can already describe itself as climate neutral. In addition to this, the logistics department is sending more and more plastic-free parcels, and in Scandinavia the firm has been trialling using reusable packaging materials for some time now. But this is by no means enough for the bike and outdoor multichannel retailer: “Our goal is to be the partner that customers and brands trust. In addition to excellent service and great products, consistent sustainability plays an increasingly important role in this,” says Dr. Hans Dohrmann, Managing Director of Internetstores.

“Sustainable” or “beneficial”?
“As a company, it’s important for us to act responsibly. With the products and brands in our portfolio, we’re all about getting people outdoors – whether that’s on a bike, while camping or hiking. This makes it that much more important for us to not only do less damage to the environment but to also contribute beneficially wherever possible. We’ve therefore chosen EPEA as our partner for this long-term project,” adds Frank Aldorf, EVP Brand Strategy and project manager at Internetstores. EPEA’s Cradle to Cradle® approach sees sustainability as an innovation opportunity for companies that want to go beyond the classic idea of “sustainability”. “While a linear economy produces waste in the end – despite re- or downcycling – a ‘circular economy’ aims for a closed-loop economy by following the Cradle to Cradle® principle. ”With the help of renewable energies and digitalisation processes, materials can be used again and again,” explains Dr. Peter Mösle, Managing Director of EPEA. The consulting firm, which helped develop this progressive, award-winning approach, also thinks deeply about aspects such as social responsibility and diversity in the workplace. “We look forward to working with Internetstores as experts in online and offline retail. The possibilities along the entire value chain of such a multichannel platform are diverse, and Internetstores already has the right mindset,” says Mösle of the cooperation.

No mere flash in the pan initiative
The cooperation between the two companies began in June, initially involving three months of joint screening and process analysis. Only after these steps, does EPEA draw up a multilayered, long-term action plan. “We want to avoid being hasty and instead proceed in as structured and well-thought-out a way as possible. EPEA’s comprehensive concept will help us achieve our ambitious environmental goals in a coordinated manner,” says Dohrmann. It’s no coincidence that Internetstores are currently investing in this major project. “It’s exactly the right time to push this issue more seriously. We’re well-positioned – both economically and in terms of processes – to tackle major changes and further meet our social responsibility. We look forward to becoming an even better company – for our employees, our partners and of course, our customers,” concludes Dohrmann.