A Particularly Sustainable Jewel: experimenta Awarded Diamond DGNB Certificate

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Sustainable building protects the climate and saves resources. The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) recognizes special showcase projects. On August 13, it awarded a Diamond certificate to Schwarz Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG’s sustainable and architecturally exceptional new building to house experimenta.

This is the highest possible award from the Sustainable Building Council. Germany's largest science center has already earned the DGNB’s prestigious Platinum award for its high sustainability standards. This makes experimenta, which is sponsored by the Dieter Schwarz Foundation, one of the four most sustainable buildings in Germany with Diamond and Platinum certificates. Drees & Sommer's work included developing the energy and sustainability concept, supervising the construction project as DGNB auditor and taking overall responsibility for management, planning and site management from a single source.

This Is How Sustainable Heating And Cooling At experimenta Can Be

The experimenta concept for energy and sustainability focuses entirely on the cost-effective use of renewable energy. The building materials and exhibits are also sustainable. They are pollutant-free and the timber used comes largely from sustainable forestry. In order to make optimum use of daylight, save energy for lighting and minimize heating and cooling loads, Drees & Sommer's engineering experts simulated and analyzed the thermal properties of the façade and the technical aspects of its daylight performance. Although the façade is highly transparent, it does not require any moving structures for solar shading. By repelling the sun's rays, it reduces the cooling load. In winter, thermal insulation cuts heating loads.

360° Panoramic View From Glass Free-Standing Building

The DGNB's Diamond certificate is a supplementary award for the quality of design and architecture. Criteria such as proportion, composition, materials, coloring, layout, spatial arrangement, timelessness and urban integration are evaluated. The architect of the experimenta building is the Sauerbruch Hutton Berlin office. The sophisticated architecture of the new building provides unique positioning, while also integrating experimenta into the existing urban and landscape environment. Functional areas that do not explicitly require daylight were deliberately housed underground in order to reduce the above-ground volume.