Audi and city of Ingolstadt launch new technology park

1,500 people will work on ‘incampus’ and ‘leap ahead with technology’ in accordance with Audi’s commitment ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’. Centerpiece of the technology park is the vehicle safety center, which has its own crash arena, dummy laboratory, testbeds, workshops and offices. © AUDI AG

Activate turn signal, change lanes, accelerate to 130 km per hour. In a few years, autonomous vehicles are set to do all this automatically. On the A9 highway between the German cities of Munich and Ingolstadt, experts are already developing the digital chauffeur, while in the new technology park next door they are working on the future of driving. The City of Ingolstadt, via its associated company IFG AöR, and AUDI AG realize what is known as the incampus there. Where previously the towers and pipelines of the Bayernoil refinery shaped the skyline, an open campus is now being created on seventy-five hectares of nature-friendly grounds following extensive rehabilitation work.

The combination of energy-efficient buildings, renewable sources, waste heat recovery and intelligent control systems will ensure that the campus generates just as much energy as it consumes. The consultancy Drees & Sommer SE, which specializes in construction and real estate, managed the development project on behalf of AUDI AG. The services provided by the company included advise on green building aspects, quality assurance for the data center and implementation of the testbeds and crash facilities. The first building phase has been completed now.


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