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ComConsult Webinar: Customized Smart Building mit Klaus Dederichs

The networked, digital building/quarter with an integrated "brain" such as the Cube in Berlin, The Ship in Cologne or the Quartier Heidestraße in Berlin create new opportunities and also potential for new business models for its users and service providers. In the first step, the focus is not on the technology, but on the digitization strategy.

The procedure for developing such a digitization strategy and the resulting technological requirements (digital readiness) for the buildings/quarters will be explained in this webinar.

Summary of the contents of the webinar:

Approach to the development of a digitization strategy
Digitization building blocks (what are they?)
Stakeholder consideration (personas)
Use cases through digitization for building owners, users, service providers
Decision template (content)
Digital readiness, IoT readiness, cyber security
Handling strategies for digitization in planning and construction projects
Digital Ready Check (new and existing buildings)
Digital Operation Management (Data Analytics)

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