Corona Prevention in the Digital Age

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As an employer and service provider, Drees & Sommer is focused on implementing the measures required in the ongoing coronavirus situation, in a considerate and confident manner.

As a precautionary measure, for example, we have given all Drees & Sommer employees the option of working either at the office or from home workstations, as preferred. This arrangement has been in effect since March 12. Of course, this is only possible if the digital infrastructure is actually available. Technical load tests were carried out at the end of February for this purpose, with the home workstation capacity being increased from 400 to 4,000. The number of colleagues who are working mobile is rising by the hour. At present it is one third of the total workforce. The number of video conferences has tripled in the last few days – and everything is working smoothly. Wherever possible, our business is running in a purely digital way. Clients and employees are pulling together in this respect. We remain contactable and can continue to meet all requirements.

In parallel with this, we are of course working at present on how digital smart building technology could enable contactless control of properties in order to reduce virus transmission in the event of a pandemic; an example of this would be the use of voice control.

In China, we are currently supporting our clients in projects that are in the reset phase. This means that, working together, we are developing processes and structures – for instance to provide support for a building site re-starting work in an orderly way. We also clarify all the relevant contractual issues. As soon as this expertise is needed in Europe, we will be happy to assist you.

Come through this period safe and well.