Cutting carbon emissions? The potential lies in the supply chain!

Currently, everyone is talking about the goal of climate neutrality by 2050 – and we at Drees & Sommer are busy every day making our contribution toward a livable future, and working to become a Beneficial Company. However, in order to achieve this European Green Deal, we all need to do even more and work more closely together.

And when it comes to climate-neutral production, there is a particularly keen focus on companies in the automotive industry. The pressure is now mounting on suppliers, as supply chains offer great potential for savings. That is because carbon emissions occur not only in the last stage of production, but in all upstream areas of supply chains.

According to the report ‘Net-Zero Challenge: The supply chain opportunity’ co-authored by the Boston Consulting Group and the World Economic Forum, supply chains account for up to 80 percent of carbon emissions, depending on the sector.

Whether through sustainable resource extraction, alternative transport concepts or recycling – suppliers must join the efforts to ensure climate-neutral products and to remain competitive.

Thanks to our many years of experience and our extensive expertise, we at Drees & Sommer are happy to help you find the right carbon reduction strategy for your company. Our approach is based on the principle ‘Measure, Reduce, Offset’:

You can find out more about our approach and how we support you here: Carbon neutrality (

Our expert team has the sustainability solutions for tomorrow. They will work with you to identify what changes you need to make to reach your full potential.