Drees & Sommer acts as ‘Kennedy’ for Madaster Germany

Madaster Germany was founded at the beginning of March 2021 as an online register for construction materials. All data in relation to real estate, and especially information about the materials included in buildings, are registered, stored and managed on the platform. Drees & Sommer acts as ‘Kennedy’ and partner in order to introduce and expand the Madaster platform in Germany.

As a long-standing pioneer in sustainability issues, Drees & Sommer actively promotes the transition to a circular economy and the establishment of the Cradle to Cradle® design concept in the real estate sector. Drees & Sommer and its subsidiary EPEA work together with clients, project developers, architects and planners in order to create recyclable buildings. However, business decision makers often only recognize the added ecological value as a ‘real’ added value if it can also be shown as a commercial asset in a financial analysis of a building's lifecycle. The new platform Madaster Germany offers a solution in this area by assigning materials an identity.

Sascha Kilb, Partner at Drees & Sommer, emphasizes: ‘The partnership with Madaster is an important step which will help us to further promote the circular economy in the real estate sector in Germany. We see Madaster as the platform for the extended sector-specific circular real estate ecosystem which offers solutions to create a real circular economy as a meaningful response to the urgent questions associated with the wasteful use of resources. This lays the groundwork to preserve our world for future generations.’

Madaster Germany provides an online materials directory which not only contains information about the origins and quality of building products, it also offers a basis for calculating the key value data for specific buildings and materials. This makes the value of the raw materials transparent so that buildings become veritable storehouses of raw materials.

‘We are pleased to see the founding of Madaster in Germany and delighted to be able to support the platform as a Kennedy. With the aid of Madaster, it will now also be possible for German clients to secure a better quality for their buildings and to reflect their financial value in the company's business statements’, says Dr. Peter Mösle, Partner at Drees & Sommer SE and Managing Director of EPEA GmbH – Part of Drees & Sommer. In Switzerland, Drees & Sommer has been active as a ‘Kennedy’ in the Madaster network already since spring 2020.

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