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Drees & Sommer Digital Impact: Expert Talk on Customized Smart Building

Terms like ‘Proptech’ and ‘Smart Buildings’ have quickly become buzzwords in the real estate bubble – but they are often spoken without a genuine, in-depth understanding of what they mean.

While it is certainly clear that buildings today are visible more technologically advanced, it is important that those working in the Built Environment can properly define what constitutes a genuinely Smart Building and what does not.

Ultimately, data is key to technology’s ever-evolving synergy with the built environment. Being able to collect, analyse and process data from real estate is becoming an increasingly sought-after element on a developer’s wish-list – and for good reason; smart buildings can open up new revenue streams of occupiers and owners alike, contribute towards carbon-reduction targets and make life easier and more convenient for end-users.

The benefits of digitisation in the built environment are seemingly endless and, therefore, somewhat of a challenge to articulate. This webinar will explore what digitisation means for real estate; from its potential to increase return for investors, developers and operators, to the risks involved and the lessons learned from our own Customised Smart Building projects. We will also explore practical means to achieving digital transformation and, ultimately, what is paving the road to artificial intelligence-controlled, fully autonomous buildings.

Line up:

  1. Klaus Dederichs, Head of ICT, Drees & Sommer – Digitisation & Smart Buildings
  2. Norman Meyer, Head of Digital Services, Drees & Sommer – Mosaix: Making Real Estate Data Usable
  3. Salla Lardot, Head of User Experience & Workplace Consulting, Drees & Sommer Netherlands – Impact of Digitisation on People

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