Ecsite – Education concepts for tomorrow

How can you get people excited about science and technology and foster their personal engagement? That key question was the focus of this year’s Ecsite – Europe's largest conference for science communication.

Drees & Sommer attended the event in Heilbronn from June 2 to 3 to discuss this question with industry experts. Ecsite was hosted by experimenta, Germany’s most innovative science center, where visitors can experience science firsthand and become researchers themselves. Drees & Sommer provided General Construction Management services for the experimenta building, which sets standards in many respects – including sustainability.

At a time when solutions to challenges such as climate change and the loss of biodiversity are being sought, museums, science centers and other public and private educational institutions must join in addressing these future issues.

The discussions and presentations during the conference clearly showed that the next steps can only be mastered with a combination of modern educational approaches, digitization and inclusion. The need for more sustainability and customized learning experiences must be taken into account in planning. Only a holistic approach will allow the realization of modern educational buildings that are fit for the future. This is where Drees & Sommer comes in: Our experts not only implement intelligent digitization strategies, but also develop innovative spatial concepts and transfer aspects of sustainability to buildings used for research, science and education.