Future Real Estate Cradle to Cradle – Building for the Circular Economy

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The virtual event Future Real Estate Cradle to Cradle – Building for the Circular Economy will take place on April 13, 2021. Around 20 speakers will report on and discuss how circular construction methods and recycling-enabled materials can counteract the waste of resources in the construction industry.

It is high time for the real estate industry to rethink, as there is an acute problem with construction and materials. To counteract this, all stakeholders must work together and focus on circular construction methods in planning, construction, project realization, and even in the existing building stock. Find out the role that Cradle to Cradle, urban mining and sustainable finance are playing in this, at this year’s Heuer Dialog event Future Real Estate Cradle to Cradle.

Through a range of presentations and discussion panels, experts from the real estate industry, project developers and environmental researchers will share their experience on the topic of Circular Economy. It starts with preventing the waste of resources before it even occurs, and fully motivating the industry to engage in doing so. How does that work? Right at the beginning of the event, Dr. Patrick Bergmann, Managing Director at Madaster Germany and Thomas Raus, founder of Madaster, have an answer to this question. As an addition to this, Dr. Christine Lemaitre, Chief Executive Officer of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), reports on how existing buildings can be deconstructed and materials recycled. To visualize it all, Tobias Fischer, Senior Consultant at Drees & Sommer SE and Tim Janßen, Executive Director at C2C NGO, will take participants through a live virtual tour of the C2C Lab Berlin, explaining how renovation in existing buildings works in line with C2C criteria. During the event, Vanja Schneider, Managing Director Moringa GmbH, will also present Germany’s healthiest and first C2C high-rise residential building. The event will be hosted by Dr. Peter Mösle, Partner at Drees & Sommer SE and Managing Director of EPEA GmbH, and Hanna Bosova, project manager of Heuer Dialog.

You may be eager to find out about the pooled know-how and experience of the experts. You can also take part in discussion groups to learn more about the relevant approaches to solutions for your business model and projects.

For further information about the agenda and registration, please visit: VIRTUELL: Future Real Estate Cradle to Cradle ( (available in German).