Give a livable future instead of gifts – not only at Christmas!

Great things can be achieved if everyone makes a small contribution. That’s why this year we will forgo giving gifts – both internally and externally. We are even dispensing with sending postcards and specially produced stationery. Instead, we will donate the savings of about €30,000 to organizations we know that are helping provide a livable future for the victims of the flood disaster in the Ahr valley and the town of Eschweiler. 

We don’t just take this approach at Christmas, but throughout the year. Instead of giving our employees gifts such as flowers to mark their birthdays, we consolidate the savings and make an annual donation totalling €50,000 to various organizations that provide children with a roof over their heads or that undertake their own infrastructure projects in poorer regions.

We are pleased with the positive feedback we have received regarding this decision – from business partners, customers and employees. People are delighted to have made a small contribution to something great. And this approach is consistent with our transition to becoming a Beneficial Company.

So in this spirit, we wish you a wonderful, relaxing and eco-friendly Christmas – and a great start to the New Year!