From 17-18 November 2022, the GREENTECH FESTIVAL will take place in Singapore under the motto "Together we change".

Meet our team at the Drees & Sommer stand or attend the panel discussion on "Does Sustainability Mean Sacrifice?" with our expert Stephan Degenhart:

  • Thought-Leader-Pane l “Building for the Future” | Date and tentative time: 18.11., 11:00 – 11:30 SG
  • Session Description: Whether we’re building an apartment block, curating a tourist hot spot or developing a nation, the way we approach our built and lived environment has profound implications for our future. What considerations need to be made when we design, architect and engineer these spaces?  How do we balance bottom-line economics with the need to provide ethical and equitable spaces for workers, citizens and those who visit. What role does new mobility have to play and how can we make it accessible to all? Discover a new perspective on our urban world and see how sustainable principles and technology can drive creativity, easy connection, health and prosperity. 
  • Speaker: Stephan Degenhart, MD APAC, Drees & Sommer; Joy Esther Gai, Managing Director Asia Pacific, World Green Building Council; Manuel Soriano, Sustainable Development Advisor, UN Development Programme (interested)
  • Presentation time: 10-minute keynote presentation

You can find more info on the GTF-Singapore-Website.