HospitalityInside Think Tank (HITT) - Bringing Sustainability from Theory into Practice

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Relevant climate targets and resulting regulations do not stop at the hotel and tourism industry - on the contrary. It is true that tourism generates around ten percent of the world's gross national product and secures the livelihoods of more than one billion people. Nevertheless, according to estimates, tourism is responsible for around nine to 12.5 percent of global emissions. This means that the industry is sitting at a major lever and bears an enormous responsibility for achieving climate targets.

But how can theoretical approaches now be put into practice? What innovative and intelligent solutions are already on the market to accurately record and regulate emissions? And what are the next steps? This and much more was discussed intensively at our last "HITT - HospitalityInside Think Tank 2023" in Berlin. Under this year's motto "Next Level: Measure. Benchmark. Drive. Lifting sustainability from intention to traction" numerous participants came together on the solar hybrid ship "Orca ten Broke". The series of events organized by HospitalityInside has been sponsored by Drees & Sommer and others since 2018. The aim is to create a platform for key industry representatives to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and work together on modern solutions for tomorrow.

The fact is that the pressure on the industry is increasing - and not only with regard to political requirements. ESG criteria are also playing an increasingly decisive role for employees and, not least, customers. Accordingly, the challenges will continue to increase in the coming months. Due to the enormous social and also economic importance of the tourism industry, measures and progress will be closely scrutinized by the public. It is more important than ever to pull together and solve this mammoth task together. Because if you don't take care of a comprehensive sustainability strategy now and start implementing it, you will feel the negative effects sooner than you think.

A great event with lively discussions and exciting impulses. We are already looking forward to the next exchange!