Laying of the Foundation Stone for the New Building for Nuclear Medicine, Radiopharmacy and a Research Floor at Essen University Hospital


On August 31, 2020, the foundation stone for the building was lowered into the ten meter deep excavation pit with a crane and hook. This completed another important step in one of the most complex construction projects at Essen University Hospital. A carefully selected group made up of the State Minister of Culture and Science of North Rhine Westphalia, the Board of Directors of the Essen University Hospital, the Chancellor of the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE), the Mayor and the site foreman were present to celebrate the completion of this symbolic stage of the project.

One reason for the complexity of the construction project is the future radioactive content of the building, which explains why the base slab is to be two meters thick. Ceilings, floors and walls with these dimensions are standard, especially in the area of the two electron accelerators and the hot production of radioactive pharmaceuticals.

The building for nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy is one of four projects which are being financed under the Medical Modernisation Program (MedMoP) of the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which has a volume of about 300 million euros. The building will not only be used for radio-pharmaceutical treatment and diagnostics – after its completion, it is also planned for radioactive therapy and diagnostic products to be produced there. The second basement story is completely reserved for control and good manufacturing practice (GMP) purposes.

This high degree of specialization requires a strong inter-disciplinary team. Drees & Sommer is supporting the numerous control and procedural processes with project managers, engineering experts, medical engineers, plant organization specialists and lean construction management (LCM) specialists. Completion of the building is scheduled for 2024.