"Management Round Table" - the intelligent and flexible factory of the future

How can production processes be made more effective and resource-efficient? How can the use of artificial intelligence ensure quality assurance in processes? And how will the factory of tomorrow become even more networked?

These issues and many more were discussed on 24 November 2022 at the "Management Round Table" on the topic of "Future networked factory ... customer-focused, digital, sustainable, efficient".

Our head of integral factory planning, Mathias Stach, moderated the Round Table "Our networked factory of the future", and also provided fascinating insights on the topic of "Smart, flexible factories and data-driven business models" in his keynote speech.

The key findings of the event were: 

  1. The digital transformation of production and logistics processes is considered an essential element of the flexible and sustainable factory of the future, including the creation of digital twins [what are digital twins?].
  2. Overarching IT/OT strategies are integral components for the required process and quality monitoring. At the same time, this can involve data analysis and real-time control using artificial intelligence.
  3. The implementation of an end-to-end data strategy and system landscape is necessary to ensure data integrity throughout the value chain.
  4. To ensure innovation and employability on the factory floor, the relevant key competencies of employees must be expanded and developed.
  5. Digitalisation serves to enable energy and resource-efficient production and logistics processes as well as the improved energy efficiency of production buildings.
  6. Coordinated security strategies through digital sovereignty are needed to ensure cybersecurity throughout production.
  7. The results of the event make it clear that we in Germany are more than capable of successfully manufacturing innovative products under competitive conditions. 

Special thanks for organising and hosting the successful event go to the hosts Belden Deutschland GmbH, Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH.