Only 2 days left until the opening: the interactive building OWP12

Coordination between building automation, IT and Facility Management plays a central role in the new office building at Obere Waldplätze 12. A prerequisite for this was the close cooperation between all those involved in the process. 

Of course, standardising the interfaces in the building and all the data that accumulates there also plays an important role in ensuring that the OWP12 can "speak" smoothly with itself – and with the users. However, the increasingly important networking and communication of the individual building elements has one prerequisite: good teamwork.  

Together Drees & Sommer specialists and their partners managed to avoid creating isolated data silos and islands of information. To achieve this, they worked out specifications and concepts together at an early stage of planning. Topics such as Power over Ethernet (POE) or WiFi 6 standard, for example, were aspects that the experts had to integrate into a coherent IT strategy.  

In addition, there were intelligent security and lighting concepts. The focus was always on the users, for example, the comfortable and energy-efficient operation of the building.