Review - the "12th Aviation Forum Munich": Intelligent factories for the aircraft industry of tomorrow

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"A new era for aviation: Sustainable. Resilient. Together". This was the motto of the twelfth "Aviation Forum", which took place on 5 and 6 December in Munich. The most important representatives of the aviation industry convened and talked about new challenges as well as innovative concepts and strategies in a series of panel discussions and workshops. Many of our colleagues from the Aviation Industry and Integral Factory Planning teams were also present at the Forum at which we had an exhibitionstand.

A special highlight: the expert workshop on "Transparency needs trust! How can the required level of trust within the supply chain be achieved?", in which our Head of Integral Factory Planning, Mathias Stach, took part together with 50 other participants. His key take aways from the workshop were:

  • Although data transparency along the entire value chain is indispensable, this transparency is still lacking in many cases.
  • Various data silos lead to considerable interface problems within  companies.
  • In order to adequately secure new product launches, the following are essential - stable processes, integrated IT solutions and cross-departmental cooperation.

However, many topics in addition to digitalisation issues in the manufacturing industry were also comprehensively discussed at the event. Topics such as  the flexibilisation of production and logistics processes, the challenges in the context of cyber security, and the importance of ESG in the circular economy and production., to name but a few.

All in all, a hugely interesting event generating lots of exciting and postive ideasand discussions.

We would like to thank you for the great organisation and the many wonderful lasting impressions of the forum- we are looking forward to the next time!