Roche Building 2 – The façade is finished!

© F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG

The tallest building in Switzerland received its outer shell on schedule. The last tier of the façade was installed at the end of March. This phase has now been completed except for the elements of the external elevator shaft.

The closed-cavity façade is a highly innovative, double-shell façade system. The air fed into the chamber has a slight degree of overpressure, which prevents condensation or dirt from settling on the window panes.

The light-directing sun protection built into the chamber ensures an excellent amount of daylight even when the slats are down and a very low solar energy transmittance or g-value of 0.11. The Ucw value of the closed-cavity façade elements of only 0.64 W/m²K makes the Building 2 façade one of the best building envelopes of our time – both in Europe and worldwide. The system thus allows considerable savings in operating and maintenance costs. Another advantage is how the spacious glass dimensions further the architectural concept.

We are proud and thankful to be able to make our contribution to this extraordinary project both in terms of the façade technology and in our capacity as general planner.