The Handelsblatt Energy Summit 2023 – The pressure to transform is growing

v.l.n.r. Henrik Töpelt, Leonardo Estrada, Wera Schnetz
v.l.n.r. Henrik Töpelt, Leonardo Estrada, Wera Schnetz
© Handelsblatt Energie-Gipfel
© Handelsblatt Energie-Gipfel

The Handelsblatt Energy Summit is the definitive meeting place for decision-makers from the energy sector and politics. In light of the current energy crisis, the further shaping of the entire energy transition and the development of innovative solutions for a sustainable and secure supply in the long term, were undoubtedly  the top issues of the three-day event.

Because the fact is: the transformation pressure for the industry is enormous. The transformation of the entire system is highly complex and requires the parallel implementation of a wide variety of challenges as well as the cooperation of all those involved.

The event which took place from 16 to 18 January 2023 was characterised by exciting presentations, panel discussions and lively exchanges. Our Energy team, represented by Henrik Töpelt, Leonardo Estrada and Wera Schnetz, was in attendance  and their key takeaways were:

Firstly: Our infrastructure must be expanded as quickly as possible.

To accomplish more in terms of implementation, we need strong grids to transport electricity for "green electrons" and gas grids to transport green hydrogen. Market participants are calling for more security for investments and, above all, more pragmatism when it comes to regulatory decisions.

Secondly: We must make greater use of already existing potential of renewable energies.

In order to achieve more energy independence and to completely decarbonise our industries in a timely manner, we should also focus on the use of offshore wind energy, for example. This involves, firstly, creating the appropriate framework conditions and, secondly, making forward-looking political decisions that provide the right impetus for this.

Thirdly, we should use the fluctuations in electricity supply to our advantage.

This is particularly so in the areas of solar and wind energy, where the electricity supply is often volatile and thus difficult to predict - if we can learn to do more to adapt our consumption behaviour, we could benefit from these fluctuations.

A great event focussed on important topics and providingfascinating perspectives and viewpoints- we will gladly return next year!