Top Rated: Digital Park Fechenheim Wins BIM Award 2023

© Ludmilla Parsyak, BIM Cluster BW e.V
© Ludmilla Parsyak, BIM Cluster BW e.V
© Ludmilla Parsyak, BIM Cluster BW e.V
© Ludmilla Parsyak, BIM Cluster BW e.V

In this ambitious project, BIM provided the basis for the cooperation between all participants in eleven applications. Digital Reality is currently realizing Digital Park Fechenheim – a state-of-the-art data center campus with eleven data centers – on the former Neckermann premises in Frankfurt’s Eastend. The consulting firm Drees & Sommer SE, which specializes in construction and real estate, supports Digital Realty with services in relation to the change of use of this listed existing complex.

Throughout the construction project the developer, Digital Realty, places special focus on digital planning with the support of Drees & Sommer: “The integrated overall planning process was completely model-based from the very start, using BIM on a shared cloud platform,” explains Drees & Sommer’s BIM expert Moritz Mombour, who submitted the project for the BIM Cluster Award 2023 on behalf of the BIM team. ”This process ensures a structured data exchange which means that all parties involved in the planning are always up to date.

The models which are developed together in this way can be used for various applications – from the assessment of variants in early phases of the project, the calculation of quantities and costs through to the subsequent documentation of the buildings. Any conflicts which may occur between the different trades are discovered early on at the model stage so that they do not arise as unpleasant surprises in the construction phase. The BIM planning method thus simplifies communication between all participants and helps to coordinate the individual trades and to avoid errors,” says Moritz Mombour.

Four more winners were honoured with the BIM Cluster BW Award on 9 November in Weissach:

  • BIM GOES GREEN: Werner Sobek AG for "Plusenergie-Quartier P18"
  • Research & Teaching: bim STANDARD - ffb GmbH for "bim STANDARD"
  • Rethink BIM: Ed. Züblin AG for "Generative Design & BIM - Human Expertise meets Artificial Intelligence"
  • Best infrastructure project: Konstruktionsgruppe Bauen AG for "Railway overpass (EÜ) Sternbrücke"

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