Video Interview: Innovation Boost through Pilot Project with Imerso

As an innovation leader, Drees & Sommer counts collaboration with startups as one of its key policies. An ongoing example is the partnership with international startup Imerso . Its new software provides an X-ray view of progress on the construction site, enabling a direct comparison with the BIM model. Watch the video to find out which functions the platform offers and how the technology is used by Drees & Sommer.

Intelligent 3D control from Imerso forms the interface between the digital construction plans and the reality on the construction site. How does that work? The platform uses 3D scanners combined with AI-driven software to monitor the progress of the construction site. As it is synchronized with BIM planning, it automatically detects deviations. By making this comparison, errors in carrying out the work can be addressed quickly, to avoid delays, waste, and unnecessary cost increases. It also reduces construction and travel costs by giving the team remote access to the building site through the Imerso app and platform. 

Together with Drees & Sommer, the young startup from Oslo aims to establish the 3D solution as a new industry standard in BIM projects. Drees & Sommer experts are now putting the system through its paces in a pilot project on the construction site of the new building OWP 12. ‘We are doing quite well!’, comments project specialist Florian Widmann who works in Drees & Sommer’s team in charge of contract awarding and settlement processes as well as digital matters, is very satisfied with the software and is looking forward to further collaboration.

For more insight, please watch the video: