Educational & Research Institutions

Albert Schweitzer School Rotterdam




Atelier PRO


BM Van Houwelingen

Installation consultant

Van Toorenburg

Surface area

2.300 m²

Project period

2018 - 2022

The Albert Schweitzer School is an elementary school for Catholic education in the Rotterdam district of Overschie. The school is part of the Rotterdam Association for Catholic Education (RVKO) and was previously housed in three buildings. Due to lack of space and the technical condition of the Stergebouw and Maangebouw, it was decided in 2017 to demolish two of the three buildings and replace them with one new building. 

The new building meets the Fresh Schools ambition profile of the municipality of Rotterdam and the requirements for Nearly Energy Neutral Buildings (BENG). In addition to these requirements, particular attention was paid to noise and particulate matter in the development of the plans, given their location next to the A13.  

From March 2018 to the end of 2020, the design for the new building was developed by the design team consisting of Atelier Pro, Van Toorenburg, WSP and Mobius. On behalf of RVKO, Drees & Sommer Nederlands performed the project management for the project, managed the design team and supervised the national tender for the architect and contractor. Together with the project team, they coordinated with the municipality in terms of budgets, planning, appearance, etc. Drees and Sommer was also responsible for construction cost management, supervision of the demolition of the existing buildings, project management for the temporary housing and management and supervision during the construction of the new building. 

Construction began in June 2021. The new building is scheduled for completion in the middle of the second quarter of 2022. 

Added value

  • Involved from the design phase to completion
  • Comprehensive relief of the Client by contributing a full service


  • Project management
  • Design management
  • Procurement
  • Construction cost management
  • Demolition monitoring
  • Project management temporary housing
  • Management and supervision of the new building