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Sports & Leisure Facilities

Chiemgau-Arena, Ruhpolding

Additional value

  • Qualified master planning with special expert knowledge as a cornerstone for the project success
  • Successful control of complex approval processes
  • On target with costs and schedules
  • Operating cost savings through the use of groundwater for heating and snow-making
  • Significant easing of the client's workload thanks to professional project managers

Individual services

  • Planner selection
  • Master plan
  • Project control
  • Project lead function

Gemeinde Ruhpolding


Architekten ARGE Sieber + Renn/Architekten und Bauingenieur­gemeinschaft Trauntal GmbH


Ruhpolding, Germany

Project duration

November 2008 – December 2011

The traditional biathlon winter sport arena in Ruhpoldig was brought back to competition standard under a very tight time constraint. These measures included developing the new stadium buildings, the surrounding infrastructure, the cross-country ski route and bridges as well as the floodlight system and snow-making equipment.

© Gerhard Guggenbichler, MedienServiceRuhpolding
© Gerhard Guggenbichler, MedienServiceRuhpolding