Residential Buildings

De Meester van Haarlem


Bouwinvest Residential Fund




Inbo Architecten

Project duration

Mid-2020 to mid-2023

Number of residences

178 units

The former Ambachtsschool in Haarlem has been transformed into a residential building. “De Meester van Haarlem” is a multi-residential development built by COD based on a design by Inbo Architecten. Bouwinvest acquired the 178 apartments in the development – with sizes ranging from 59 m² to 219 m² – to be sold as mid-market and private-sector rentals. The flats were constructed partly in the historic building and partly in a new building. A two-storey garage was built under the new building and the indoor garden.

The residential building is made up of unusual spaces from the 1920s, 1950s additions as well as high-end new construction. As a municipal monument, the former school has a certain aura of prestige. The building has a spacious layout with wide corridors and majestic entrances. The corridors and stairwells were restored to their former state, while preserving the original tiling. One unusual feature is the height of the corridors and former classrooms, now converted into apartments.

On behalf of Bouwinvest, Drees & Sommer provides on-site quality supervision during construction.

“De Meester van Haarlem” was built and completed in four phases, with the last one delivered by the end of March 2023. 

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