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Sports & Leisure Facilities

Dream Island in Moscow


„REGIONS“ Group of Companies

Project duration

December 2017 – March 2020


Cuningham Group Architecture Inc., Chapman Taylor Land Milano

Development site area

57 hectare

Buildings area

292 000 square meters

Cost (net)

Cost groups 2 – 7: €560 million

Dream Island in Moscow is the largest indoor amusement park in Europe, featuring kids’ favorites such as Smurfs, Ninja Turtles and  Hello Kitty. Drees & Sommer managed work on “the Russian Disneyland”,  which opened its doors in February 2020 after a construction period of some three years.

The bank providing finance for the project required the customer to ensure independent technical and financial supervision by third parties. The Drees & Sommer team secured the contract for these services thanks to its extensive project management expertise.

The 56-hectare amusement park is located close to the city center on the banks of the Moskva River. In addition to the indoor theme park with 27 rides in four zones, the complex also features a large park with footpaths and cycleways, and barbecue and sports facilities. The commercial area is represented by the fairytale castle – which is enclosed by a huge glass dome –  also includes a concert hall, a cinema, restaurants, shops, and a multistorey visitor car park. There are plans for future development of a hotel and a sailing school for children as a part of unique area.

A further attraction is that the interiors of the shopping area are formed by facades of more than 100 buildings and reflect the architectural style of various major cities around the world. Visitors can stroll along the base of the Colosseum or immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Spain. The project was implemented by the Russian REGIONS Group of Companies. Drees & Sommer undertook independent technical and financial supervision, assisted the customer with analysis of the project budget and finance planning.

The architectural concept for the theme park and landscapes was developed by team of international planning companies Cuningham Group Architecture, Chapman Taylor and Land Milano. Dream Island is a project that is impressive in every respect and one that – despite the coronavirus pandemic – has  brought smiles to many children’s faces.


  • Independent technical and financial supervision
  • Cost and contract control
  • Project monitoring

Additional value

  • Comprehensive know-how in project management